I’m an optimistic aid worker trying to contribute positively to International Development…

I have spent a LOT of time living/sunbathing/researching/volunteering/jogging/drinking/general-field-working/farming/driving/teaching throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. I therefore consider myself something of an all round African enthusiast… Until September 2011, I was based in Malawi where I worked for a commercial farming enterprise, managing their development unit and running volunteering trips for young adults from the UK. I have seen and done a fair bit, but the solutions to problems of development are far from simple and i’m a long way from knowing the answers to any of them….

I have a marmite-style love/hate relationship with the online aid community; I have respect for a number of people who blog and tweet in their respective fields of expertise but I also loathe the amount of tripe out there, and the number of people who are self-righteous, bitter and negative ‘professionals’. I have made it 6 years in this industry so far, and my lantern of optimism is still burning strong… !

I hope you enjoy my blog… I want to learn and share as much as possible, so please comment and feedback what you think!


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