A Graduate in Africa

What’s in a name?

I started my first blog a few years ago when I moved to Malawi, as a recent graduate, to undertake a voluntary role with a farming company and NGO. As often is the case, I had a mishmash of roles and was everything from a research assistant to charity liason and development officer. I thought it was fitting to name the blog Graduate in Africa (because it seemed fairly self explanatory) and I wanted to use it as a way to chart my experiences, the highs and lows etc on what was to be a very challenging but rewarding period.

Sure enough this helped get me to Malawi a couple of years later, as a fully fledged member of the International Development community and led to my studying at SOAS for an MSc in Development Studies… Though I spent time living and travelling in Africa as a young’un, I am indebted to my experiences as a graduate in Africa. 

Everyone likes talking about certain places in Africa, but for the many of us who are privileged and blessed to have lived, worked and breathed life on African soil it really gets under your skin and into your soul. I may not be the most intelligent, high-ranking kid on the block but I have a genuine love and passion for the culture, lifestyle, people and attitudes found throughout the continent. I hope to blog on issues broadly relating to International Development, but I am more strongly committed to talking about positive stories of African development…. in an attempt to counter the force of all the negative, whingey and depressed development professionals out there. I will often get things wrong, and I may not always understand the issues but my ethos of smiling and having an open mind has served me pretty well so far and hopefully won’t let me down now….


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